Warranty Validation
  • If you are verifying warranty for only one drive, use the single-drive form.

  • If you are a customer (such as OEM, Distributor, etc.) that buys products directly from Seagate, please use direct.seagate.com to return drives to Seagate.


Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  Seagate customer number:  
* Serial number, [space],
Seagate part number OR
Seagate model number:

3MC12345 ST1234567
LC123456 9N9123-001

One drive per line, 5 maximum

Enter one drive per line. Each line must contain the serial number followed by a space or tab followed by the Seagate model number (e.g.: ST340812A) or Seagate part number (e.g.: 9T6006-001). Example

NOTE: Use the HDD P/N for Samsung Products.

  * Country: